Membership is the life blood of the Marina Association of Texas as it is with any trade association. Members are encouraged to invite non-members to join and to support our efforts to keep our industry strong and viable.

The Marina Association of Texas is really a group of marinas who constantly rely on associates to assist the association in carrying out the programs of the officers, Board, and members. MAT urges all marina members to review each and every sub, supplier, and service firm you are doing business with to see that they are or become members. 


As state-wide organization, the focus is on issues, initiatives and programs that impact the Marina Industry in Texas. The following products and services are available to MAT members.   

  • Annual Trade Show & Conference - Annual program open only to members of MAT with a focus on industry-related topics and education, offers excellent networking opportunities as well as demonstrations of the latest products in the industry.

  • Changing Currents Newsletter - Quarterly newsletter reporint on important issues affecting the industry, announcing upcoming events, and reviewing Association activities.

  • Legislative Committee - MAT's Legislative Committee works to monitor legislation that can affect the marina industry and works with legislators to address rules and regulations.

  • Membership Mixers - Networking events for members to meet and network in a casual setting. Membership mixers are for members to exchange business cards, make new contacts, socialize and have a little fun.

  • Call to Action Alerts - Periodic requests for specific action by Association Members on critical issues.

  • Legal Advice - MAT has benefitted from the expertise of attorney Jeffrey Irion since 1982. Marina members have access to numerous legal forms thanks to Jeff Irion, and all members can benefit from limited legal advice and his column in the Focus newsletter.  For more challenging issues, Jeff Irion is available for hire with expertise in all phases of marina acquisitisons and operations.

  • Clean Texas Marina Program - Clean Texas Marinas meet the rigorous pollution prevention standards established by the Clean Texas Marina Program. Marina operators have voluntarily adopted measures to control pollution associated with marina operations and stand as notable examples of the conservation ethic: Individual responsibility for health, land and water.

  • AMI Membership - MAT's affiliation with the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) means all MAT marina members automatically become members of the national organization dedicated to the Marina industry. It's a two-in-one memerbership that offers extended benefits. 

  • Advertising Opportunities - MAT offers exclusive advertising opportunities for Associate Members at affordable rates in MAT publications including the Focus newsletter, annual Roster/Directory and the annual Conference Program.  All MAT members have the option to purchase advertising on the MAT website. 

Membership Dues by Category

Marinas over 200 Slips, $330

Marinas under 200 Slips, $280

Corporate Marinas, $250

Associate Dues, $200



We Are . . . Associate Members

We feel it doesn't cost to belong to MAT . . . it pays.

Membership is a business asset . . . it is vital to our business.

We are Associate members because we want to be . . . but we need your support.

As Associate members we are a part of MAT . . . we want to serve and work with you.

As Associate members, we affect much of what MAT does for all of us, from our city halls . . . to Austin . . . and in Washington.

As Associate members, we benefit from your business and support MAT with our membership.

In a way, we play a leading role in what MAT is able to do for our industry.

And, as Associate members, all we ask is the opportunity to serve you . . . call us!