Pump-out Operation and Maintenance Grant

MAT has been awarded a grant through the Clean Vessel Act Program to help member marinas that have sanitary pump-out systems re-coupe a portion of their costs to maintain and operate the system.  The purpose of the grant is to assure that pump-outs remain operational and available to the boating public.  Many marinas have absorbed these costs for years.  MAT will act as the record keeping clearinghouse to facilitate reimbursements to individual marinas and recruit marinas with public pump-outs to join the program.

The federal Clean Vessel Act Program is funded by a portion of the gasoline taxes paid by recreational boaters when they gas up their boats.  The program is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the federal level and Texas Parks and Wildlife at the state level.  Grants can be awarded to construct new pump-outs, maintain and operate existing ones, or educate the boating public about the availability and need to utilize sanitary pump-out systems.  Grants typically reimburse 75% of the cost to provide these services.

To benefit from this grant, individual marinas need to provide sanitary pump-out services to the general boating public, be a member of the Marina Association of Texas, and be willing to log or track the number of pump-outs they conduct.  The “cost” of an individual pump-out has been estimated at $5 per pump-out which includes utility and staff costs to operate and maintain the system.  Hard costs, such as new hoses, fittings, or other service items that are purchased, are also eligible to be reimbursed.  Any revenue collected for the service must be deducted from the cost to provide the service.  As such, marinas that do not charge for pump-out services are in the best position to benefit from this program. 

Individual marinas that join the program, will be reimbursed 75% of their documented costs to operate and maintain their pump-out system, up to $1,500 per year.  

This is a new program for Texas, and with the Texas Clean Marina and Clean Texas Boater programs expands MAT's commitment to help assure clean water for Texas boaters.  It will also help marinas re-coupe costs to provide this needed service that they had been absorbing for years.  If you have any questions about the program, or would like to enter your marina in the program, contact Andy Goldbloom (512.350.4932 or email) or Kim Shrum (210.324.7255 or email).

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