About Clean Marina

The Clean Texas Marina Program recognizes operators of public and private marinas who voluntarily meet high standards that help keep Texas waterways clean. To be certified as a Clean Texas Marina, the operator must:

  1.     submit a pledge form,
  2.     complete a self-assessment using a checklist,
  3.     be sure the marina is complying with all applicable laws and regulations, and
  4.     when ready, schedule an on-site confirmation visit  

Operators can use these forms and documents, which are all in PDF format to make their facilities qualify as a Clean Texas Marina.

Pledge - a form for marina operators to sign that indicates their intent to become a Clean Marina.

Checklist - a checklist and form that marina operators use to conduct self-assessments of their facilities, which is used to designate or certify marinas accepted into the program.

Clean Texas Marina Guidebook - an overview of actions and best management practices that, if operators implement them, can improve the chances of being designated as a Clean Texas Marina. They include simple, innovative solutions to keep Texas waterways clean.

Clean Texas Marina Program Testimonials - see the results of the Clean Texas Marina Program from those who have implemented it.

Environmental Improvement Goal Workbook - a workbook to help marina operators set measurable environmental goals and determine how to measure their progress.

Storm Water Discharges from Industrial Facilities
Website link for assistance with Industrial SW Permitting:

The storm water permit itself can be found at: http://www.tceq.state.tx.us/assets/public/permitting/waterquality/attachments/stormwater/txr050000.pdf

Clean Texas Boater Program - As part of the Clean Texas Marina Program, this program recognizes individual boaters, working with certified Clean Marinas, who pledge to help keep Texas waterways clean. Boaters receive a Clean Texas Boater sticker to display on their vessels.

Clean Boating Tips - a brochure marinas can distribute to boaters to help prevent pollution. Boaters need it to participate in the Clean Texas Boater Program.

Clean Water Boat Sticker Application - Boats that have a permanently installed Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) and are operated on any waterway in Texas, including all freshwater lakes and coastal waters up to three nautical miles into the Gulf of Mexico are required to obtain a Clean Water Certification Decal.

Pump-out Guide for Boats - a brochure with tips on using pump-outs and how to maintain marine sanitation devices on boats. It includes a list of pump-out stations operated by Texas marinas inland and along the coast.