Association of Marina Industries - AMI

, or the Association of Marina Industries, is a non-profit membership organization dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of the marina industry.

MAT/ AMI Partnership

In 2015, MAT and AMI formalized a partnership so that all MAT Marina members have a dual membership in MAT and AMI, thus giving them both state-level and naitonal level resources and representation.  This program adds additional value and benefits for members and strengthens the voice of the overall industry at a national level.

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AMI offers direct access to innovative and cost-saving business solutions, educational services, regularly updated news and publications, and research results. AMI is the independent voice for the marina industry at the national level on all related legislative and regulatory issues.


IMI, or the International Marina Institute, is a subsidiary of AMI and is the global leader in training and certification for marina professionals. Under the auspices of AMI, IMI coordinates the only internationally recognized certification program for marina managers, offering a wide range of training and networking opportunities. IMI provides this training exclusively in the US, and by authorized franchise partners outside of the U.S.

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IMBC is the leading marina and boatyard conferenc.e It is geared specifically toward marina and boatyard owners, operators and managers as well as dock masters, harbormasters, boat builders and repairers, and industry consultants.  IMBC is where dedicated marine professionals gather to exchange information, talk about the future of the industry, explore new methods and techniques, receive updates on revised standards and established rules, and discover new products.  The conference is produced by the Association of Marina Industries (AMI). 

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