Marina Association of Texas

Since 1973

Working to share ideas, knowledge and experience and to improve, protect, and advance the interests of the marina industry of Texas while protecting the environment.


MAT Membership Mixer

Membership Mixer Scheduled for May 6th

We invite all MAT Members and potential members to joins us for a Networking Membership Mixer on Monday, May 6 in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Mark your calendars now! More details will be posted shortly.

2019 Conference 

47th Annual MAT Conference & Trade Show
October 6-10, 2019
The Tremont House
Galveston, Texas

We are excited to announce the location of our 2019 Conference - The Tremont House at Galveston, Texas.  Mark your calendar today to join us for a 3-day event packed with education, networking, new products, golf and more!  

For Marinas 

Stormwater Prevention Plan

All Marinas should have a plan for limiting and controlling pollution that occurs due to surges of water during periods of heavy rain. For more information about how to create a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, visit our Resources page HERE.

Protect our water

Let’s work to protect and preserve our state’s most critical and irreplaceable natural resource: WATER

The CTWC continues to represent lake interests by educating the public on the need for responsible water management, encouraging conservation and urging citizen involvement to help protect the lakes and our future.  Click here to learn more about CTWC. 

There are no upcoming events.